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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Advent Blog: Day 2~ Quote of the Day

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra."

(Thanks to Justy for sending me this)

I LOVE quotes! I use them a lot in class. Everyday we have a Quote of the Day. Sometimes the kids have to write about it for their journal entry. Often the quote is relevant to whatever we are studying, or to the lifeskills.

So when Justy sent me this quote, I decided it would be good for the advent blog.

From a teacher's standpoint, I do not like a kiss-ass. However, when students put forth a little extra effort-- it can make a huge difference. Often it is a welcome relief from the half-assedness (yeah, you heard me... I made up a word-- deal with it!) Something as simple as coloring their illustation.... or, I don't know, putting their name on their paper... ;-)

Sometimes "a little extra" is something as simple as just saying "hi" to someone... or holding the door open... or just listening to a friend when they've had a bad day. Think about it-- what is the difference between your friends and your BEST FRIENDS? Sure, sometimes it's that you have more in common... or that you see them more often. But often it is those that go the extra mile; they put a bit more effort into the friendship.

What are some ways we go the extra mile during the holidays? Several people donate to charities or buy gifts for the needy. During these hard economic times, that could certainly be considered extraordinary. Donating time to charitable events is also popular during the holiday season. Of course, to be truly extraordinary-- this would be done throughout the year.

OK, interactive time-- what is extraordinary in your life? Or, what do you do that is extraordinary? How would you define this word/ quote?

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