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Monday, December 22, 2008

Advent Blog: Day 21~ Holiday Parties

... specifically MY holiday party...


~chili pepper flavored tequila (seriously tasted like pimento cheese- and NOT in a good way!)
~Square Christmas sweaters
~Hip scarves
~New lunch bags
~My new Wish Necklace-- to be fearless-- which ironically has a DRAGON charm on it :)
~Alice giving drinking advice to minors
~Buffalo Chicken Dip, pizza dip, chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate chip cheese ball
~HS friends reunited... Mexico trip girls reunited (aka the cast of As the Wind Blows)
~shots of random liquids

~Princess 1/2 Marathon training boxes/ gear
~Champagne, sugar cubes, cranberry juice, and grenadine
~Old friends and new friends

This pic is so random-- there is so much going on.. I love it!

Josh shows off HIS belly dance skills... Marianne joins in... HILARITY ensues

Showing off our new hip scarves-- or "Belly Dance Belts" as I like to call them


With Jana and Angie...a mini Legend reunion

It IS a tacky Christmas! Josh and Leigh are the winners-- esp Leigh's very SQUARE sweater.. Josh is hiding is Roman nativity scene tie

Ready to Run!

Pepper tequila= NOT a good idea!
Leigh: I will do ANYTHING you want if you do another shot and eat a pepper!
Me: Um, no.

Party People!

For more party pics-- Click

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