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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Advent Blog: Day 16~ Shopping

OK, I hate shopping. I do not view it as a luxury or a favorite pastime... I view it as a nuisance. And I feel there is some ettiquette that should be observed in shopping-- especially Christmas shopping.

First of all, I spend everyday of my life teaching 10 yr olds the lifeskills-- things like patience... caring...sense of humor. PLEASE don't make me have to use my teacher voice and teach you, ADULTS, these same lifeskills while at Target or Kroger. Seriously-- pushing? grabbing? calling others names? gah! GROW UP! Sharing is caring! (that was for you Autumn!)

Next up: loitering. This happens everytime I go to the grocery store. And it is more of a problem in those grocery stores that like to put displays up in the aisles, thus making it impossible for 2 carts to go down either side of the aisle @ the same time. DO NOT STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AISLE AND HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH OTHERS! Especially if this conversation (1) can be had later, say, IN THE F-ing CAR!, (2) is NOT relevant to anything on that aisle, (3) is being had with someone you see daily, (4) if it is with someone you haven't seen in AGES, for God's sake, schedule a time to get a drink or a coffee and catch up-- GET OUT OF MY WAY! You are blocking the chocolate chips!!

Now, for those of you that may be clerks in the grocery stores.. or any store, really. It is not necessary, nor does it make me move any faster, if you ATTEMPT to scan my items at the speed of light. It's really just obnoxious. And it ends up taking you longer as you have to scan things multiple times to get it to work. Slow and steady wins the race.

Lastly, and this is from last year's shopping experience... if you are a slightly scary woman that manages a liquor store... LET THE CUTE MALE ASSOCIATE carry my box to the car... he can do it! And I would rather it be him... than you... the She-Ra that exclaims, "I ain't NO lady!"

And I will leave you with this: If someone gets rowdy or hateful with you while shopping... sometimes it's ok for you "teach them a lesson." But remember... Don’t go ninja-ing nobody who don’t need to be ninjad! (Thanks Leigh!!)

West Virginia Ninja

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