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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Advent Blog: Day 6~ Losing

Losing. Not something we typically think about @ the holidays.

Today was full of losing, at least in the sports world. I amcertainly not an Alabama or Florida fan...but when they play each other for the SEC Championship, I am forced to say ROLL TIDE... alas, they fell the to the mighty Gators... woof.

I also spent a lot of my day watching elementary basketball... our girls won easily this AM... but the boys did not fare so well...

And I just read that the Rebels lost their attempt for a 5th straight state championship... this broke their 74 game winning streak. Yes, 74.

So loss... WHY is it important? In the sports world, and really in life in general, I think loss can make you fight harder. Mae you realize that winning is not always an option. Once I recover from a loss, it usually motivates me to work harder... of course, I am a fairly competetive person.

But how does loss figure in at the holidays-- as this IS an advent blog... During the holidays, especially Christmas, loss can become a lot more evident. Especially if it is the loss of a loved one. I remember the first Xmas after my mom passed away-- it was brutal. And you know what upset me more than anything? Stupidest thing, but I couldn't find my damn stocking. I'm pretty sure I pitched a temper tantrum IN the attic as Mike tried to help me find the one in a million (seriously! My mom had a lot of Xmas stuff) that contained the prized sock. It wasn't until the NEXT year that I found it.

I also think though, that during the holidays we tend to focus on other losses... lost flames... during these economic hard times-- lost jobs... lost friends and lost times.

I think the importance of loss is to make us realize how fortunate we are. If you win ALL the time, you never have that feeling... that emptiness... it pisses you off really. Makes you realize... why is hard work important. It kind of goes back to the quote about extraordinary vs. ordinary. Why settle for ordinary when you can work harder and be extraordinary?
I think sometimes, after losing someone close to us, it makes a person hesitant to get close to someone else. We, in the words of Garth Brooks, stand outside the fire. "Life is not tried, it is merely survived..." Sure, it hurts to get burned... but if you NEVER try, how will you know that pain? And if you never know that pain, how will you know how great it feels to win? Sometimes you just have to take a chance. "Those who risk, win."

Maybe it's the drab weather that brings about some of these morose feelings. Maybe it is the fact that those of us that have these losses are surrounded by happy-go-lucky-my-life-is-perfect people...
I will say, I have gotten better as far as Christmas is concerned. Do I think about my mom? Sure! Am I sad? yes... but I do not let it consume me.
New Years however... that is a whole other issue. DEPRESSING...

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