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Monday, April 19, 2010

And the Beat Goes On...

Whew! I am EXHAUSTED! Had a great weekend-- lots of fun times with family-- my "crazy aunts" were both in town for Gma's 94th b-day... We had a great dinner Saturday night-- I made cupcakes-- coconut for Gma, and chocolate for Aunt V. When we weren't looking, Gma got sneaky with her cupcakes and candles-

Sunday we went to Pigeon Forge for breakfast and some outlet shopping. Then it was off to run some errands for Gma, a trip by my condo so the aunts could check out the nursery, then back to Gma's (I had to get my car)... by the time I got home, I was ZONKED! I took a short nap, then got up to talk to Matt via Skype... then I CRASHED!

Had early AM bus duty this morning (ONLY ONE MORE LEFT AFTER TODAY!) Took Aunt V to the airport, then had dinner with Gma and Aunt Liz. I could seriously go to bed RIGHT NOW and be fine. My lack of weekend naps is seriously catching up with me.

This is THE WEEK! Matt has his immigration interview on Friday... I am nervous-- and I know he is BEYOND nervous! I wish more than anything I could be there with him... Though, looking at the flying situation now-- even if I wasn't 6 mo preggers and able to fly-- I wouldn't make it b/c of the cancelled flights due to the Iceland volcano. Though let me say-- that volcano won't have ANYTHING on me if Matt gets his visa and then has to wait to fly here b/c of it's stupid ash!!

Anyway, I am asking for everyone to send good thoughts across the pond to my beloved British husband... I NEED him here NOW!!

OK, so here is your interesting Monday read--

First President Owes Library $4,577 and Two Books

What a scoundrel!!


Mary said...

Your G'ma is too cute! Here's hoping Friday goes well for 2 have been through enough already!

Jenny said...

OK... You know I am rooting for ya'll!!!! Have fun @ Bon Jovi and most of all try to enjoy yourself!!!!