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Sunday, April 11, 2010

In Memoriam

My good friend Ran(dom) Man had a past with one Ms. Dixie Carter. Once upon a time, a young radio reporter was give the task of interviewing Ms. Carter. Now, for those of you familiar with the actress' most famous role of Julia Sugarbaker, well, apparently she truly WAS that character, or believed she was anyway. Hey! I only used the Yellow Pages after she told me to in those commercials!

My poor friend was forced to ask her a question (by the radio station powers that be), and if I remember correctly, the question did not really pertain to the interview at hand. Ms. Sugarbaker, uh, I mean, Ms. Carter became outraged, and lit into my poor friend. He played the tapes for me. If it hadn't been so scary, it would have been hilarious.

Through the years, Mr. FAWD has kept up with Ms. Carter-- her wins, her losses... mainly b/c friends like me send him any info we see on the lady.  Hey, it's what friends are for!

So last night, I felt it my duty to pass on the news (which I first saw on a facebook status, and later confirmed via a google search), that the beloved Ms. Dixie Carter has passed away. Ran(dom) Man's reply: I win. Classic.

So in memory of this iconic actress, let us visit the archives of Ran(dom) Man :

Dixie Carter, seen here at a local GOP event, did NOT win in her Emmy category Sunday. I’m not gloating, just saying.

14th Fri

If Dixie Carter wins an Emmy Sunday, I will cry.

5th Wed

If you ever, if any of you ever call me that horrible word again, I will fire you, and you will never alter drapes in Atlanta again, because you do not cross a Sugarbaker woman. I’m so tired. I’m so tired you guys.

— Liz on 30 Rock after watching an all-night Designing Women marathon. (Two Dixie Carter posts in 24 hours = coincidence.)

4th Tue

You can’t build your house on trashy, worthless materials, and your life is your house that you’re living in.

— Dixie Carter in a Q-and-A with the Jackson Sun that strongly reminds me why she’s my arch-nemesis


Mary said...

R.I.P. Dixie Carter! I used to love her on Designing Women, even named a dog after her!

Miss Teacher said...

She was spunky, for sure! She had that Sugarbaker aura in real life too...