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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just a LITTLE longer...

Matt had his interview yesterday AM at the US Embassy in London. He said, while it was intense, the consular officer he spoke with was very nice. She didn't ask a lot of questions-- when we got married, how we maintain the marriage across the pond-- he explained we use skype and talk via webcams into (for him) the wee hours of the AM-- he said, "Can't you see the bags under my eyes?" She thought this was funny...

They did not issue his visa today, because the Dr. he saw in London (the one he had to see for the embassy) has no signed off on his medical. She is the Dr. that detected a murmur. He has since been to a cardiologist-- who has told him he has a leak in a valve in one of his arteries. This will require surgery for repair (NOT replacement). The cardiologist sent all of this to the Dr in London, but she still didn't sign it--

In the meantime, I contacted my insurance people, and explained the whole thing. They checked, and because he has coverage in the UK, then he WILL be covered here. They will not consider it pre-existing, and there will be no lapse in coverage. I had them write me a letter to this effect. Matt has the letter and the email from my insurance lady. He took those, plus a letter from my Dr. saying he really needs to be here for the baby. The embassy made copies and have instructed him to take the letters to this Dr. in London. Once she signs the medical (and they feel she has no reason not too, since he WILL have insurance coverage) and gets it to the embassy, they will then call Matt. They will give him a courrier number-- he is to courrier his passport to the embassy, they will then courrier it back with the visa.

I asked how long this will take-- hopefully no more than a week. When I spoke with him the first time, Matt was running down the street in London trying to get back to the Dr's office to talk to her.

She said what she needs is a report from his cardiologist detailing exactly what is wrong, what needs to be done, and a timeline (ie can he wait 6 months, a year, 2 yrs, etc...) She said she has to make sure he is ABLE to come over here. Why she didn't explain this to him LAST week when they spoke, I have no idea. Matt thinks he may have misunderstood her-- anyway-- he is trying to call his cardiologist now so he can set up a time to see him Monday. The Dr had already scheduled a procedure for Wednesday-- to go in with a camera and look closer at the heart, so he may wait till after that to send his report to the Dr. in London-- we'll see.

At any rate, we are still hoping that within the next 2 weeks Matt will be ready to step on a plane! He said he feels like a weight has been lifted. :)

SO... there we are. Not the BEST news, but certainly not BAD news. He said he feels he can go ahead and sort all his stuff, and start packing. This week will also give the airports over there a chance to decongest from all the people stranded by the volcano in Iceland.

Thanks for all the prayers, positive thoughts, and encouragement... this has been BEYOND stressful, but will hopefully be over soon!

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