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Friday, April 9, 2010


I don't know why it is-- but SHORT school weeks always seem LONGER! I am so glad today is Friday-- though most of the day I was convinced it was only Thursday. Luckily we are preparing for state tests next week-- so must of the day was spent doing practice tests and reviewing that material. This was extra nice for me as I was able to sit more, and get off my swollen-elephantesque feet!

Had a great Dr. appt yesterday... BP is perfect, baby's heartbeat was great-- once they were able to get it, as she was quite the mover & groover yesterday! Now if we can just get the immigration people to let Daddy get here! UGH... that's a whole other stress, and a whole other post! One day-- when I don't find it exhausting!

Trying something new today-- Someone sent me a link to a blog with a Friday Follow/ Blog Hop link... seems fun! I am always looking for new and interesting blogs to read...

MckLinky Blog Hop 

Friday Follow

No big plans for the weekend-- which is nice! I plan to get some paint for my nursery-painter volunteers... and other than that I plan to just, as my grandma says, "Do around the house"... and of course spend some time with my feet up, RELAXING!


The 3 Bishops said...

Tagging you & Adding you !
Have a wonderful weekend.
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S. Dub said...

Thanks! Happy Friday to you too!!

Mass Hole Mommy said...

Happy Friday follow!

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Follow!! I am a new follower and thank you kindly for joining us today. Wishing you an amazing weekend -

~ Lynn